On top of everything else, it’s just so darned CUTE!

Well I have been busy lately, haven’t you? This year is just zooming by! I have a team and am now a Tupperware Manager! But I digress. I want to show you my awesome breakfast, lunch and snacks to go.


Can you see how much I’ve got in there? On the left: Crackers, cheese cottage cheese, some fried noodles are in the purple midget container, and there’s even a little teensy itty bitty salt and pepper shakes (yellow/green). Oh yes, and a small avocado! The blue mini big wonders bowl in the center has my chicken to top my Asian-ish salad: romain, kale, cabbages, carrots, sugar snap peas, scallions, oranges, sesame seeds….all with a dressing I made in my QuickShake: orange juice, lemon, pepper, rice vinegar, sesame oil, dried cilantro flakes…I forget what else. Basically whatever sounded good plus a little salad oil.

It’s fun to make, fun to open, fun to eat and makes no trash! My utensils snap into the the lid, so everything has a home. Couldn’t work better!

I’m telling you friends, bento is the way to GO! Literally. 🙂

What say you?
Have you tried taking snacks bento style? How did it go? I’d love to see your pics!


Very Tupper Holidays, part 1

Happy holidays-are-over! I hope you had a good one this year. I sure did! Everyone got Tupperware and the various bowls and containers made food prep, presentation, and storage a cinch! Here are some highlights:

1. The TupperTree: I got a small tree this year, but my Tupperware delivery boxes had a definite presence in my living room. I hid all of my gifts in there before wrapping them, especially the Tupperware for my sister, mom, and niece.


2. Snowball cookies for my pals and their kids. I make them every year and I’m no baker, but these are good! Buttery, nutty, crumbly cookie balls rolled in sugar…ummm yes! This year I out them in a Tupperware Stuffables container because the lid expands around the the odd shaped cookies! Genius! And cute!


3. Cool gift for my niece, the family baker! I grabbed some fun boxes of cupcake mix and placed them in a TW cake-taker. She baked for us on New Year’s Eve with them: red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese filling and frosting, and cocoa puff cupcakes too!


There is still so much more I want to share…..more to come! 🙂


Order anytime at my.tupperware.com/ibrebecca

The TW Top 3: Zombie Apocalypse Tupperware Must-Haves

I can’t say enough about how much I love Tupperware! (I mean duh, right? I have a blog about it….ha ha ha) So I’d like to bring you, every Tuesday, lists of some of the top three things that I love about Tupperware.

With the world coming to a supposed end this Friday December 21st, 2012, I thought it might be nice to help everyone prepare a bit. I mean, I’ve never survived a Zombie apocalypse before, but if I do, I think certain tools are a must. So after you have your spears, your TW Eco-twist water bottles, and your strurdiest backpack filled with survival items, take a second to grab these three must-haves to make life a little more bearable, come doomsday.

The Tupper-Tuesday Top 3 Zombie Apocalypse Must-Haves

3. The adorable TW Smidget container

To get this little guy, you’ve got to know someone who knows a guy. Or a [TW] lady, in this case. [Lucky you.] You’ll need to travel light and can’t afford to keep much. But since you’ll be sloshing through rivers of mud and grime to get to a safety zone, you’ll need a tiny little container that will keep “your precious” dry and safe. Fits in your pocket or sock or wherever because it is so dang small. It will perfectly protect precious stones or jewelry, coins, pain relievers, vitamins, dried herbs, seasonings, matches, needles & thread, seeds, watch batteries, baking soda, the list goes on and on…

2. The practical TW Smooth Chopper

Sure it makes a good salsa, but its your Zombie Apocalypse go-to for so many more reasons. It’s compact and the two attachments, a blade and a whipper, fit right inside it so no extra parts to lug around. Also, it requires no electricity which will of course, become scarce or nonexistent come doomsday. The sharp triple blade has a protective cap that clicks on so it’s safe for tossing in a backpack when time i of the essence. Of course, those blades might come in handy if a zombie attacks too. Let’s not get into details about that one. And I don’t think everyone will be carrying around a cutting board so when you are prepping your meals around a fire, you’ll be glad you have this little TW stud in tow. My niece, the coolest 12 year old on the planet, loves this!

Drum [sc]roll, please….

1. The inimitable TW Citrus Peeler

Maybe it doesn’t look like much here but, wow! What is this thing NOT good for? Like the Smidget, you need to know someone to get it, but you can almost always score one at a TW party. Its lightweight, won’t rust, cleans easily and packs quite a bite when needed. That little hook end easily peels citrus and other things like mangos but it is also a handy little hook for those unexpected small jobs that come up. The point is sharper than you think too. You might even be able to knit a blanket with it! The other end is a little plastic pry bar/spatula good for taking things apart, screwing them back together, or for stabbing a zombie in the ear if the situation should arise. Remember people, as every Walking Dead fan knows, go straight for the brain.

So there you have it. Be prepared folks. Let TW help you out! 😉

What say you?
1. Which future TW Top 3 do you want to see?
Daily Trash-Reducers
Healthy TW Helpers
Easiest Holiday Recipes
Healthiest, Tastiest Salads
Healthy, Easy Dinners
Bentos with [health] Bennies
Organizational Wonders
Best TW Kitchen Gadgets
Most Versatile TW Containers

2. Any other ideas?

Time-saver Rule of Three: Salads

Are you making the most of your time and efforts? As I’ve mentioned before, I like to make salads for three days if I’m going to take the time to make one. Makes sense right? Well, here’s my play by play from tonight.

1. Gather your ingredients.

I took out all of my veggies as well as what I needed for my protein source. For this salad, I had a mix of baby red leaf and baby Boston lettuce. I mixed it with cilantro…a bunch… and topped it with carrots and shredded red cabbage. For the protein, I went with tuna which I seasoned with green onion, Dijon, light vegan mayo, and a spicy blend of turmeric, chili powder, and cayenne I think? It’s supposed to boost your metabolism and help your body not absorb as much fat. Anyway, it’s good.:)

2. Assemble your salads.

This part’s the timesaver. You just spread everything out across three containers, which makes for a very green assembly line. I decided to try putting my scoop of tuna in a silicone baking cup. Then I tucked my dressing in a TW Midget. I did this black bean dip that I got from StephStaysSlim except mine came out kind of runny so it should work as a fat free dressing. Now, the TW midget fits in the white and red container (Keep Tabs #3) but not in the blue ones which are just microwaveable cereal bowls. (For convenience, I wish I had a few more KT #3’s. 🙂

3. Pack it all up.

Once you get all your ingredients put away and you see 3 meals stacked in front of you, you’ll be proud. You’ll maybe even wonder why you didn’t just make 5 or 6. They don’t have to be just for lunch on the go; great for snacks and dinner too. 🙂 New Years resolutions anyone?

Here’s a summary collage for you:


So there it is. It’s not rocket science but its a system that works. I hope you try it and let me know how it goes. I do this for my breakfast too but I try not to do everything in the same night. I’ll post all of that later…

What say you?
How do you save time while packing lunches?
What ideas do you have to make meals that will keep you on track and eating healthy?
Do you have the supplies and containers you need to do it? (I can help you there, of course)

Cheers and happy holidays!

Handy Little TupperThings


It think almost everyone has seen one of these at some point and I’d venture to guess that many still have one lying around in the house somewhere, especially if you recently purchased some. They’re Tupperware Midgets and they have been around for ages! But how cute are these new colors?

Why they rock:
1. They’re great for CRAFTS: hold beads, bobbins, buttons, screws, nails, needles, sequins, googley eyes, glitter

2. They’re great for TRAVEL: hold shampoos, lotions, coins, cotton balls, mouthwash, sewing kit, antacids, sleeping pills

3. They’re great for KIDS: hold snacks, sunscreen, use as a sand toy, a play-size tumbler/cup, fingerpaints, medicine

4. They’re great for FOOD: hold sprinkles, nuts, dressings, condiments, use as measuring tool for baking or mixed drinks

5. They’re great for YOUR PURSE: hold change for tolls/meters, pills, safety pins, mints/gum, cough drops

There is always a TW Midget in my purse, often one in my lunch, and always one waiting to suit a need I’ve yet to fill. Like I said: handy little things.

What say you?
Do you have TW Midgets? What have you used them for?

I will not EVER take a styrofoam doggie bag home again!

Okay that’s maybe a pretty huge commitment. But I’m at the point where I think it might almost be better to leave leftovers at the restaurant than to bring home a little stack of styrofoam clamshell containers wrapped in yet another plastic bag. I feel so guilty! And I don’t think it’s worth it.


But what am I gonna do about it? Stop eating out? (Umm, drastic!) Lug a bag of Tupperware with me? (I have to draw the weird Tupperware lady line somewhere!) Neither of those sound like the way to go, right?

If only I had a tiny Tupperware that would actually fit a good amount of food….

Not-so-shockingly, I happened to have just the thing. Each time I do a party, I have my nesting Keep Tabs TW containers all set up, but I hardly ever talk about them. Well, nesting was just what I needed, as it turns out.


By putting the smallest KT container INSIDE the next size (a 2 cup), I am able to take a really small container to the restaurant and then pull it out of my bag when I’m ready to pack leftover food.

So I shoved a bag inside the smallest container so I’d having something to take my containers home in, and I even put a little cloth napkin in between the small and the bigger container.


It’s simple, but let me tell you, it was handy, easy and it really impressed our waitress! She even brought us out some cookies and I got two! 🙂 Here’s the whole process in one collage.


What say you?
Would you try this?
Do you have another, practical solution?

TupperBentos, the sequel

I just could not get this Bento idea out of my head today! There are lots of places to get ideas for containers but not as many that showcase Tupperware as Bento boxes. But that’s what I’m here for! I went out and bought some silicone baking cups and these are the combinations I came up with. Mind you, I have almost nothing in my fridge because I gots-to-go shopping! But I was still able to come up with what I think is a pleasing combo for lunches. 1. Modular Mates mini rectangle 1 Bento:


2. Deli stacker Bento


3. Stuffables snack Bento


4. Just-to-show-I-know-I’m-open-to-non-Tupper-ideas-too Bento


So there you go…and my wheels are still spinning for more ways to Tupperfy the Bento Box.

What say you?
1. What do you think about making Bento box lunches?
2. Which is your favorite?
3. What are some of your ideas?


My friend at StephStaysSlim has asked me for a bento box that she can do with Tupperware.

Bento Boxes, or Onigiri as I’ve learned, are a Japanese lunch tradition that is HUGELY reduces waste from taking or buying lunch everyday and is also Edible art. The key is bite-sized pieces of food and lots of color and variety.


While Tupperware USA doesn’t make a bento box, per say, TW still offers lots of options that can be used to make one with the added bonus of Tupperware’s spill spoof, durable products. The pic above is from a blog called My Small Potatoes that shows how to use a TW sandwich keeper to make a little bento box. Maybe one is big enough for a child, but you might use two for an adult, which is great because they come in sets of two. And you can get a set free for having a party, just so you know. 🙂

That’s just one idea, there are lots more. I’ll do my best to try some combinations out and let you know how it goes. Actually, here’s a family sized bento-type set that TW makes that is great for picnics. My niece, whom I’ve dubbed my Smidget, suggested using one layer for napkins and utensils, and the other 3 for different food combos. Lil genius!


Oh yes, remember to bring your own chopsticks. Just say no to SPORKS! Hahaha….

Eat happy 🙂

What say you?
Have you ever tried a bento boxed lunch?
Do you enjoy eating foods more when they’re pretty?

Tupperware is Practically Green


Maybe you’re like me. Maybe you’ve tried to reduce your carbon footprint by doing things like using glass more. Maybe you compost, maybe you have a small, fuel efficient car. I’m working on that last one.

I found myself wondering why I was not taking lunch more often in my glass containers or taking water in my aluminum water bottle. When I really thought about it, i realized it was because the screw top lid of my stainless steel water bottle isn’t reliable. Often I’d put it on and the tread wouldn’t catch. It leaked on my car seats a lot. Annoying. As were my glass containers when they would leak in my lunch bag (watery yogurt slime….not good). To boot, those suckers are heavy and bulky. Sound familiar?

So despite my investment in not-plastic I still found myself buying a disposable water bottle while at Target and my freezer was loaded with disposable freezer bags for all my food. I was eating out and bringing home these styro-containers a lot more than I wanted to. Sure, I composted my rotting produce but why did it keep rotting on me in the first place?

3 Tupperware products changed all of that.

1) By investing in the set of six small Eco water bottles, I am able to have cold, portable water on hand at all times. These bottles never sit empty in the lone reaches of my cabinets. I use them everyday, wash them and fill them right back up. They come in a mix of green, purple, and blue (update: they are now in a fuchsia and blue color, set of 4) which actually adds variety to my routine and makes me want to take them. Seems silly, but each morning I get to choose, “I think I’ll take the green bottle today.” They work because they are practical, durable, BPA free, no phthalate leaking #4 plastic and they are CUTE too! They do not leak. Ever. Love.

You can see a video of my niece showing why she likes them too at http://www.facebook.com/TupperBecca

2) By using FridgeSmarts to store my produce, I am saving money. You can read my blogpost about them here. But trust me, they are amazing. I’m composting less. I just ate a snappy grape that is over a month and a half old. Boo-ya.

3) The third green wonder product are my FreezerMates. I’ve sung the praises of these already here. The short version: what I don’t eat, I freeze. I rock. FreezerMates rock. TW Rocks! I will never buy a zip seal bag again!

I mean, not only did TW give me some practical green solutions, but I am learning the independent business/ be-your-own-boss (sort of) thing too. And I’m even blogging about it for goodness sake. I really want everyone to know how great it’s working for me.

Instead of wasting my money, I’m saving it and making it, living green-Esque, and having fun too. Win-win-win!

What about you?

What have you tried to change to be greener? Does it really work for you?

I mean really, not in theory.

Why Tupperware is AmazeBalls!


Another day, another party, and TW continues to blow my mind…

So I had a Tupperware Open house party this Saturday and it was sooooo fun! I tried out 4 different recipes while I had some of my girlfriends, aunts, cousins, sister, and nieces there. I went through my whole Tupperware schpiel inbetween making lemon artichoke pesto dip, some chocolate cookie truffles (which I re-dubbed “AmazeBalls” because they are), super quick candy bark, and a not so great attempt at healthy banana peanut butter ice cream.

The big winner of the day were the AmazeBalls, which is why they are pictured here. Basically it’s a ball of crumbled cookies and chocolate cream cheese dipped in chocolate and cocoa powder. Umm…sign me up right? At my next parties, I’m going to try different combinations like mint Chocolate dipped in white chocolate and maybe a nutter butter- chocolate combo. I can’t wait!

To ensure I don’t balloon in weight, I’ll be using the small-bites advice my good friend at StephStaysSlim gives out. You should check it out!